Once upon a time, in the bustling world of YouTube, there was a YouTuber named Waldo. Waldo was known for his adventurous spirit and his knack for turning the undesirable into the desirable. One day, he found himself at an auction where he spotted a Range Rover. This wasn’t just any Range Rover, it was a non-runner with unknown issues, but it had a certain allure that Waldo couldn’t resist. He ended up buying it for a couple of thousand dollars, a steal for such a vehicle, despite its problems.

The previous owner had parked the vehicle due to a mysterious knocking noise that echoed from the engine. The owner never investigated the issue further, leaving it as a riddle for the next owner to solve. Waldo, with his curious nature, was intrigued by this mystery. He suspected that the knocking noise could be related to a common issue with the timing chains on these engines.

Waldo wasted no time and got to work. He drained the old, stale fuel from the tank and replaced it with fresh fuel, adding an injector cleaner for good measure. He also checked the oil, which was as dark as a moonless night. The vehicle also had an air suspension issue, but Waldo was not surprised. After all, the vehicle had been sitting idle for a couple of years.

With a bit of tinkering and a lot of patience, Waldo managed to coax the engine back to life. However, there was a noticeable ticking or clicking noise, like a clock counting down. To investigate further, Waldo used a Teslong camera to inspect the inside of the engine through the spark plug hole. The camera revealed a sight that made Waldo’s heart sink – damage on the piston and cylinder wall. This raised serious concerns about the engine’s health.

Despite the setback, Waldo was not disheartened. He planned to conduct a compression test to assess the engine’s condition. Depending on the results, he would decide whether to fix the timing issue or consider an engine swap if the compression was poor.

As the story came to a close, Waldo promised his viewers that the next video would reveal the results of the compression test. The viewers waited with bated breath, eager to see what would happen next in Waldo’s Range Rover adventure.

I Bought a $90k Range Rover for ONLY $2,000! Can we fix it?

  • 00:00 🚙 Range Rover purchased at auction for a few thousand dollars.
  • 01:10 🛢️ Vehicle was parked for a couple of years, fuel might have gone bad.
  • 02:19 🧰 Potential engine issue: common timing chain problem with V8 engines.
  • 03:26 🛢️ Used fluid extractor to drain old fuel from the tank.
  • 09:41 🧪 Engine noise investigation with a Teslong camera, possible piston-valve damage.

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