Once upon a time, a team of car enthusiasts embarked on a daring adventure. Their mission was to breathe new life into a non-running Porsche Boxster S, a gem they had discovered at a salvage auction. The cars at these auctions were often silent, their conditions and mileage shrouded in mystery.

Undeterred by the unknown, the team set their sights on a 2005 Porsche 987 Boxster S. They saw not just a car, but a potential treasure chest, a vehicle they could restore and sell for a profit. However, the path to this treasure was not without its obstacles. The battery placement in these cars was akin to a hidden labyrinth, making it a challenge to access.

Their first attempt to awaken the sleeping beast was met with resistance. The car glitched out, its dashboard lighting up with various warning lights and faults, like a stubborn dragon refusing to be tamed. But the team was not disheartened. They discovered a blown fuse, the guardian of the rear control unit, which they suspected was the root of their problems.

The car had been dormant for a long time, perhaps as long as five years, with 40,072 miles etched into its odometer. The team also uncovered that the rear control module might have been damaged due to exposure to water, a silent enemy that had infiltrated the car’s defences.

Despite these challenges, the team was resolute. They planned to fix the issues and attempt to start the car again. Their spirits were buoyed by the potential profit they could make if the car started successfully, given its low purchase price.

After some struggle, the car finally roared to life. It initially had trouble starting, but after some coaxing and cycling it off and on, it finally ran. There was some tapping noise from the lifters due to lack of oil, but they knew it would dissipate after warm-up. The AC was working, the heated seats were functional, signs that pointed towards a successful restoration.

The car, with only 40,000 miles on it, was less likely to have the dreaded IMS bearing issue. They found the car’s charging issue was due to corroded fuses, a problem they could fix. They realised that the car’s problems were likely remnants of past battles with corrosion, but they were confident they could address and fix them.

The owner of the team had a deep emotional attachment to the 987 Porsche Boxster S. Owning one now filled him with joy. Their successful restoration had saved this Porsche from a fate of being scrapped. As they revealed in their victory, they requested likes and subscriptions for future videos, eager to share their journey of restoration with the world.

  • 20:55 😃 The car started after some cranking and cycling.
  • 21:48 😅 Slight tapping noise from lifters, expected to go away.
  • 22:21 🥶 AC works, heated seats functional, good for restoration.
  • 23:19 🔍 Low mileage, less concern for IMS bearing issue.
  • 24:15 ⚡️ Charging issue due to corroded fuses, fixable.
  • 25:28 🛠️ Car problems from past corrosion, fixable.
  • 26:11 😍 Owner excited about Porsche Boxster S.
  • 26:38 💪 Successful restoration saved Porsche from being scrapped.

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