Head Light Protection Kit Installation

Protection against damage: Headlights are vulnerable to various hazards such as rocks, gravel, road debris, and insects. A protective film acts as a barrier, shielding the headlights from scratches, pitting, and other forms of damage caused by these elements. It preserves the clarity and functionality of the lights, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Overall, using headlight protection film provides a cost-effective and practical solution to protect and preserve the appearance, functionality, and longevity of your vehicle’s headlights

Applying a protective film to head lights

Step By Step Summary

– 💡 The Head Light Protection kit is designed to prevent damage to head lights by providing an additional layer of lamination.
– 💡 Tools required for installation include a good quality cleaning solvent, a spray bottle with water, a rubber squeegee, a sharp blade and a microfiber cloth.
– 💡 The first step is to clean the application area by spraying cleaning solvent on an around the headlight and wiping it with a microfiber cloth.
– 💡 Before applying the film, make sure your fingers are wet to avoid leaving fingerprints on the adhesive side.
– 💡 To stiffen the film for proper positioning, hold it with three fingers at the back and your thumb at the front.
– 💡 Align the film evenly in the centre of the Head Light and push it against the glass using your thumb and fingers to have proper coverage everywhere and massage it into place.
– 💡 Start from the centre and push out water and bubbles towards each corner using a rubber squeegee.
– 💡 Remove excess film with the sharp blade, pay close attention to your safety and the glass/paint on the vehicle.
– 💡 Repeat the process on other head lights and allow at least 24 hours for the film to cure before washing your car.
– 💡 Additional kits can be found on the website or in automotive retail outlets.

3M Headlight Protection Film
Available from Paintgard Automotive Protection

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