Buzz, squeak, and rattle, also commonly known as BSR, is a common design challenge.

These are the annoying sounds in your car, appliance, or other machinery that drive complaints to the dealership and OEM. BSR can be easily and quickly corrected with the use of foam, felt, and or fabric adhered with 300 MPG CIV.

A mucket is one such application and is commonly found under the hood of your car or on the B-pillar. The muckets are made of foam and are typically attached using 300 MP. They are in place to eliminate the noise caused by substrate contact. 300 MP is a soft adhesive that does not need heat to make the adhesive flow.

The adhesive allows for a quick stick and adheres readily to uneven surfaces. Within the 300 MP family, 6035 and 6038 are two adhesive transfer tapes with low fogging attributes for automotive interior applications. 9772, 9773, 9774, and 9775 adhesive transfer tapes are alternative options for applications in appliance, marine, and specialty vehicle markets.

3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes 9772, 9773, 9774 and 9775 are designed for appliance, marine and specialty vehicle markets.

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When bonding poor substrates, foams, fabric, felt, and rough surfaces, 300 MP is your go-to adhesive family.

The 300 MP adhesive is a soft adhesive which allows for a quick stick and does not need heat to make it flow. The acrylic adhesive provides an excellent bond to various foams, fabrics, felts, as well as coarse and uneven substrates.

The 300 MPD civ family also meets the highly variable needs of most gasket fabricators. The temperature range is from negative 42 to 250 Fahrenheit and has good shear strength at elevated temperatures.

The adhesive is available in an adhesive transfer tape, double liner adhesive transfer tapes, as well as double coated tapes.

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