Once upon a time, there was a grand goal set: to reach 6,604 likes for a Porsche giveaway. The journey began with the purchase of a non-running Porsche 987 Boxster S, a diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished.

During the initial inspection, a faulty rear body control module was discovered. But our protagonist was not deterred. Instead, they managed to acquire a good used module for a mere $275, a small price to pay for the potential that lay within the Porsche.

The car had a lifter noise, a common ailment for vehicles of its age. But with a simple oil treatment, the noise was addressed, bringing the car one step closer to its former glory. The progress was so inspiring that a restored Porsche 986 was showcased in the video, a testament to what the Boxster S could become.

The journey took an exciting turn with the introduction of a 2012 Maserati MC as a new addition. But the focus remained on the Porsche. An oil change and engine treatment were completed, further revitalizing the car. The electrical issues were fixed with the new module, and a piece of the car’s history was discovered in the form of the original window sticker with options.

A ticking noise emerged from the engine, a new challenge to overcome. But with a motor flush, the ticking was addressed. Blown fuses were replaced, fixing various issues and bringing the car closer to its prime. The car’s sound improved so much that it seemed to have an aftermarket exhaust.

The successful restoration brought a wave of excitement and the potential for profit. The protagonist was so thrilled that they offered access to curated car flips in their Discord community, sharing their journey with others.

The story took a positive turn when the PSM and seat belt warning issues were resolved after a restart. The convertible top issue was fixed, leaving no lights on the dash. The car’s issues were resolved with a $5 oil additive and the $275 module replacement, a small investment for a significant return.

The protagonist considered adding an aftermarket exhaust for a better sound, contemplating the final touches on their project. The total cost of fixing most mechanical issues was around $280, a small price for the transformation that had taken place. And so, the story of the Porsche restoration continued, a testament to perseverance, skill, and the love of cars.

Embarking on a restoration journey, a non-running Porsche 987 Boxster S is transformed. Overcoming mechanical challenges, the car is revitalized with a mere $280, symbolizing the triumph of perseverance and passion.

  • 22:55 😃 PSM and seat belt warning fixed after restart.
  • 23:21 😊 Convertible top issue resolved, no dash lights.
  • 23:36 😃 $5 oil additive and $275 module fixed car issues.
  • 23:50 😎 Considering adding aftermarket exhaust for better sound.
  • 24:05 💰 Total cost for fixes ~$280.

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