1972 Ford Grand Tarino

The car, which was in running condition when it was stored, had suffered significant damage over the years, including a raccoon infestation in the engine. The team from WD Detailing, who were called to restore the car, faced several challenges, including a tire that wouldn’t hold air and a massive dent in the roof.

The restoration process began with a thorough vacuuming of the car, including the hood, trunk jams, and interior. The seats and carpets were removed, revealing a significant mouse nest under the back seat. The carpets were heavily stained and were later dyed to restore their original color.

The seats were cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner and a soft drill brush, and a leather conditioner was used to restore the leather. The exterior restoration began with the wheels, with the team using a pressure washer to remove years of accumulated grime and restore the white wall tires.

The engine bay was also cleaned, and the team used sandpaper to remove oxidation from the paint, a technique they acknowledged was unorthodox but necessary due to the rough condition of the paint.

The video also includes a segment sponsored by ShipStation, an e-commerce shipping solution, and an announcement about a Cleveland car show that the WD Detailing team will be attending.

The video ends with a preview of the carpet dyeing process, promising viewers a look at the final result in a future video. The video is part of a series by WD Detailing documenting the restoration of abandoned and neglected vehicles.

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